About SoCalKidsOutAdv

About Kirstin (SoCalKidsOutAdv)

I am Mother to two little monkeys, a 8 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. My husband and I weren't ready to give up our "Pre-children" activities so we found ways to bring them to do them too. We camp, fish, hike, gold prospect, geo-cache, archery, dirt-bike ride and more! It is hard to find other like minded parents that need that extra push to see that we don't have to give up all the fun stuff we did before kids so I am reaching out to other like minded parents.

I started this blog so that I can help other families get their children off the couch and into nature.  It has evolved into a blog where families can go to find the best products, restaurants, events and activities to do together as a family in Southern California.


  1. I can totally relate. We took our toddler to Burning Man in 2011. It was an awesome experience. :)

  2. We were tempted to bring ours to a Jimmy Buffett concert... But we decided against it... Lol