Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach is Good Muddy Fun

Last week, I FINALLY got a chance to bring my family to Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach.  I have seen pictures of friends visits and thought, why haven't we gone?  

The only thing I knew about it was that it was inexpensive and the kids get muddy and wet.  Sounded like our type of place.  A Huck Finn Paradise.  All that is missing is white-washing fences.

Located in the heart of Huntington Beach, Adventure Playground is honestly, a little confusing of how to get there.  I typed the address into my mapping software and we were off.  The map brought us to the parking lot of a library with hand written signs pointing off in the distance.  

When you arrive at the parking lot, on the right you will see a grassy park and up a hill, a painted sign on a fence pointing you to the playground.  Follow the path and it will lead the way to the entrance.  

The park is very small but has what most parks don't offer, a chance to be Huck Finn!  

The entrance to the park is minimal, $3.00 for kids and adults are FREE.  Soon you will see why,  there isn't a ton of things to do but what there is, it is worth every penny.

First thing you notice is the pond with rafts.  The water is only about 18 inches so even the little ones can have fun.  The rafts gives the kids a chance to explore the pond and their imagination.  They are kept in 5 minute shifts so everyone has a chance.

Beyond the pond, there is a "redneck water-slide".  At least that is what we fondly called it.  It is a small hill with a tarp slide with recirculated water and lots of fun.  There is about a 2 foot drop into a small pool at the bottom so if your child is hesitant, you might want to pass.  

The area we spent the most time at was the tree houses and building area.  There are 4 tree houses(one only for 8+) and a HUGE pile of wood to hammer and nail to their hearts delight.  You can add onto the tree houses or just build a box or a plane in our case.  You are given a hammer and 3 nails.  When you need more, you turn in 3 bent nails for one good nail.  We actually found some lying around the tool area and had plenty.

A small sandbox, play structure, benches and a snack shack completed the park.


  • Closed toe shoes are required
    • If you forget, there are "loaner shoes" for no cost available
    • Bring shoes that you don't mind getting wet and muddy
  • Kids WILL get wet!  Bring extra shoes and clothes
  • Bring a snack or money for hungry kids
  • Come early to avoid crowds and early closing of the slide


  •  (714) 842-7442


  1. I really want to take my son hopefully we will make it this summer. He would love getting muddy.

  2. Oh wowo that looks like a lot of fun! My kiddos would love it there!