Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Orchard Supply Hardware Store Now Open in Cerritos! | @OrchardSupply #MyOsh

Have you been to an Orchard Supply Hardware(OSH) store lately?  Do you not know where one is locally?  There is one closer than you think.

In 2015, there are 5 new stores opening and I got a chance to check out the latest store in Cerritos,  on my quest to find some decor for spring.

I have not spent much time in OSH as it is better known because there was not one close by.  I also have other do-it-yourself stores close by that I could get lost in.  What makes OSH different than other home improvement stores?


It is a store for the average home owner versus contractor store.  While we enjoy many things about other warehouse stores, I find it hard to find someone to help me and I often get lost in the larger stores.

The new Cerritos store is not small by any means, being 40,000 sqft but it is organized in a way that is user friendly.  every aisle has a purpose and well labeled.  There is even an aisle for watcha-ma-call-its!

Need a key?  The key cutting center is right where you walk in so it's an easy in and out.

There is a large paint sample area where you can purchase a small amount of a color instead of a whole gallon.  Come back in a couple months and there are talks of monthly kids crafts as well.

There is a great gardening area with a large quantity of seeds to full grown plants.  Did you know if you buy a plant and pot, they will re-pot it for free for you?


This patio set was just one that I was eyeing for my backyard.

Thinking about those Fathers Day gifts yet?  These are my favorites.


Craft items will always perk up any yard and I adored these gorgeous birdhouses!

There was so much to see and all practical for the average home-owner.  I need to go back to see all that I missed and since I have one close to my house now, it will make getting my house fixed up for Spring much easier.


  • Staffed by 80 expert store associates
  • 40,000 sq ft
  • South St. and Carmenita Rd- cross streets in Cerritos
  • Large color coded signage that makes  it easy to navigate the store
  • "Workbench" area is dedicated to customer service w/ 
    • re-keying locks
    • re-screening
    • knife sharpening 
  • Cerritos
  • Irvine
  • Woodland Hills
  • San Francisco
  • Portland, OR
DISCLAIMER:  I was invited to a preview of the new store for a media day and received a gift bag for my time.  All thoughts, ideas and photos are my own.  Do not use any photos without permission.