Friday, August 23, 2013

"Hunting" Blue Whales for Photos! @AquariumPacific @HarborBreezeC #LBWhales

Well, my family seem to have fabulous luck going whale watching lately with the crew of the MV Triumphant with Harbor Breeze out of Long Beach!  I would love to show you a few pictures from our recent trip out to see the magnificent Blue Whales and teach you what I learned that day.

On the search for the 2 Blue Whales, "Hook" and "Delta" today out on the MV Triumphant, we saw an abundance of wildlife!   I don't think that we found those particular whales, identified by their flukes.  But there was no lack of wildlife.

Captain Dan Salas did find us 6 Blue Whales, 100 dolphins, Sea Lions, a Mola Mola (that jumped out of the water!), a variety of sea birds and a SHARK!  Just in time for Shark Week!

I learned more about the Blue Whales that I thought I would share.

  • They are the largest animal to EVER inhabit the earth! Larger than ANY dinosaur!
  • Their tongues can be the size of an African Elephant
  • The babies weigh up to 3 tons at birth and gain 200 pounds a day on their Mom's milk that is 50% fat! (Humans milk fat is 2%)
  • Babies are about 25 feet long at BIRTH
  • Blue Whales in the wild( as opposed to captivity?) live to be 80-90 years old
  • The main arteries of the Blue Whale are so large that a small human can swim through them
  • They have been increasingly been hit by large carrier ships entering the shipping ways to the Port and killed
  • Recently, the shipping lanes have been moved to accommodate the migrating pattern of whales to avoid fatalities

I hope you enjoyed the pictures that I took that day.  If you have never been on a whale watching boat, the sight of these magnificent creatures, will take your breath away!  It leaves unforgettable memories in children and sparks a love of the ocean! 

If you get sea sick, I recommend bringing medicine or a sea sick patch or bracelet.  Several people got sick today because of the large swells.

Bring a good camera, you won't be disappointed!

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