Saturday, December 22, 2012

Comfortable, Environmental Friendly, Luxury Beds!


Have you been looking to buy a new bed but there are SO many options and prices out there?  If you are looking for a environmental friendly bed with all the comfort of luxury, look no further!

You aren¹t dreaming (at least not yet)! Hästens' annual floor model sale begins December 27th. Hästens is offering their showroom beds; and offering existing ones for extraordinary prices. Hästens makes beds like no other ­ by hand in Sweden, using pure natural materials.



The vision of giving the world the best sleep, and therefore the best bed, allows for no shortcuts. We use only the finest natural materials in our beds. Sustainably resourced horsehair, cotton, wool, flax, Swedish pine and steel provide the ultimate in comfort, support, quality and durability. For our efforts in environmental sustainability, Hästens is exclusive among bed manufacturers by being the very first to have our beds awarded Swedish Swan environmental certification.

In a Hästens bed:
    - you fall asleep faster with a higher quality of sleep.
    - you add years to your life, 8 hours at a time.
 The Hästens CA locations are below!

Beverly Hills
8827 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048                     
Santa Barbara   
909 De La Vina Street 300
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
San Jose
300 Santana Row, Suite #2005
San Jose, CA 95128


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