Friday, August 1, 2014

BEST KAYAKING: Tips for Kayaking in Sunset Beach | #HuntingtonHarbor

When the weather is hot, we look to the water to cool off. One of our favorite beaches that we frequent is Sunset Beach. Sunset Beach is all that the movies portray it to be but one thing that many forget about is the Huntington Harbor behind Sunset Beach.

Huntington Harbor is a maze of inlets where boaters, stand up paddle boarders and kayakers can find a great time! There are few large boats that are not docked at their owners houses. Did I mention the houses?! I would LOVE to live in this small piece of paradise!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FOOD REVIEW: Blaze Pizza, Custom Made Pizza in 180 Seconds! | @BlazePizza #MissionViejo

Last week, I had the pleasure of eating the best pizza I have had in a LONG time!  What made it so good?  I got to choose what I wanted on it from the bottom up!  Over 35 different options to put on your pizza! 

Did I mention that once your pizza is in the oven, it only takes 180 SECONDS to cook?  By the time you pay, get your drink and find a straw, it is done!   It really brings a new meaning to "fast" food.

What is this "do it yourself" pizza place?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

RINGLING BROTHERS: Truly the Greatest Show on Earth! | @RinglingBros @HondaCenter

Last week, we were invited to attend the Opening Night of Legends:  Ringling Brothers new show.  What a great family event!  There was something for everyone.  

First we were sure to get there early and check out the pre-show that allows the audience to come on stage and participate in fun games, dancing, shows and more!  This is free to all ticket holders so  be sure to come early.

The clowns were my favorite(I never thought I would ever say that after IT!).  They not only were extremely funny, they were amazing acrobats!

CIRCUS FUN: "Popsicles with Pachyderms" | @RinglingBros @HondaCenter #Cops4Kids

Before opening day at the Honda Center, Ringling Brothers invited Anaheim Cops 4 Kids and a few select Feld Entertainment blogger families to a special event to kick off their new show Legends with "Popsicles with the Pachyderms".

The main reason for this event was to give at risk kids a chance to learn more about the conservation efforts and the plight of the elephants.  

We learned about training methods, diet and fun facts such as there were over 60 elephants born through the efforts of Feld Entertainment in an effort to increase elephant numbers.

Monday, July 28, 2014

PETS: Huntington Beach Dog Beach: Take Your Dogs Swimming!

While I post a lot about our family outdoor adventures, one of our family members gets left out a lot lately.  Out dog Brittany!

She loves coming camping with us and LOVES hiking!  One of her favorite past times is going to the Dog Beach in Huntington Beach.

In case you didn't know, there is a small stretch of beach set aside for dog owners and their fur-babies to enjoy the beach and water off-leash(if well behaved).  This beach is between Bolsa Chica and Golden West Blvd, just North of the Huntington Beach pier.