Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RIVER RAFTING: White Water Excitement is the Perfect Family Campsite/Rafting | @WWExcitement #AmericanRiver

Our Northern California road-trip was a great way to find out how close a family can get for the good and the bad.  The worst part of our trip was keeping our kids happy and occupied on the 7 hour drive to our main destination.  The best part?  The destination!  

Where were we headed?  The South Fork of the American River!   Just minutes away from Sutter's Mill.  The purpose of our trip was to experience River Rafting for the first time!  Since we have a young family, we weren't sure if our 5 and 7 year old would be able to experience it or were they too young?  

After doing some research, we found the perfect River Guide company in White Water Excitement!  Not only did they have several class 1 and 2 rapids trips perfect for our young rafters, they also had wonderful riverside campsite.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WATER SHOW: The Fanfare at the San Pedro Gateway | @PortofLA @SanPedroToday

With the nights so nice in Summer, why end the family activities after the sun goes down?  

There is a great activity in San Pedro that is open day and night(until 8-9pm check schedule)!  The Fanfare at the San Pedro Gateway provides great family fun right next to the Battleship Iowa!

When we visit San Pedro, often we see a spectacular water show that rivals those of Las Vegas at the foot of the Vincent Thomas Bridge. My kids had begged me to stop and ride the trolley and watch the music choreographed show.

Monday, July 21, 2014

BRAVO FARMS: Old Fashioned Fun on a Long Road Trip! | @BravoFarms #KettlemanCity

Last week, my family and I went on a roadtrip.  A little daunting since my children don't sit well for long periods of time.  After doing research, we decided that we were going to do something that none of us had done before, river-rafting! 

I had thought that at 5 and 7, my kids might be too young but after looking around, I found out that the American River is a great place to explore for children of all ages!

We embarked on our trip up to Northern California on early Thursday morning.  Even with movie players, car games, iPads and coloring books on hand, we eventually had to stop for gas and lunch.  

As we pulled into an In N Out for lunch, my kids begged to go see the cows on the other end of the parking lot in Kettleman City, CA off the 5.  I had thought they saw live cows as we had passed thousands along the way.  

To stretch our legs, we trekked over to what looked at first glance to be an old western cowboy town.  Upon closer inspection, it was actually Bravo Farms.

Bravo Farms is a quaint series of buildings that include a BBQ pit, Assay office, General Store, Shooting Gallery, Ice-Cream shop, Candy shop, Playhouses and more!  It even included a cute little dog park for our furry children.

Friday, July 18, 2014

LA ZOO: Family Jam with Rio 2 | @LAZoo #Rio2 #FamilyJam @FHEInsiders

What else are families supposed to do on a Saturday night other than get wild!?! Well, okay, let me expand on that a little because we all know we’re passed our wild college Saturday nights. We got wild at Family Jam at the L.A. Zoo with Rio 2.

Our night began with a scavenger hunt that would lead us through the new exhibit, Rainforest Of The Americas. Each clue inspired by Rio 2 lead us to an area in the exhibit where we had to find a Zoo volunteer wearing a blue feather. There, we had to give the correct answer to the clue before we moved on. This was a fun way for kids to learn more about the rain forest because the answers could be found on the information boards near each location. The next time you visit the zoo, I’d encourage you to make your own little scavenger hunt with your family. Challenge each other to see who can discover more. Through this scavenger hunt, we learned about giant lily pads, strangler fig trees (my favorite), red-bellied piranhas (insanely cool fish), toucans, and more!

REVIEW: Planes: Fire and Rescue | @Disney #Fireand Rescue #DisneyPlanes

Last night, we were invited to a sneak preview of the new Disney movie, Planes: Fire and Rescue!  I had high hopes for the movie but cringed thinking it might be just another Cars remake, in the skies. 

The first Planes movie was cute but a little redundant of the Cars movies.  This new chapter in the Planes movies definitely delivered a great realist(ish) story that almost made you forget that you were watching talking planes and cars. 

Dusty Crophopper starts a new adventure as a Smoke Jumper plane to help out some old friends and face new-found fears.  As Dusty learns the ropes, he learns that it doesn't matter who you were in the past, it matters who you are now!